Business Valuation


Business Valuation

Business valuation provides a quantitative assessment of a company’s worth, which is fundamental for rational decision-making, investment analysis, financial reporting, and legal & regulatory compliance.

Business valuation can be performed for various reasons, such as buying or selling a business, mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, planning for succession, resolving disputes, litigation support, or financial reporting.

Valuing a business can be a complex task, and there are different approaches and methods used to arrive at an accurate estimate.

market approach

This approach compares the business to similar companies in the market that have been recently sold or are publicly traded. It relies on market multiples, such as price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio or price-to-sales (P/S) ratio, to determine the value.

income approach

This approach focuses on the future income or cash flows generated by the business. It involves estimating future earnings or cash flows and applying a discount rate to calculate the present value of those future cash flows.

Asset Approach

It determines the value of a business based on its net asset value. It involves assessing the fair market value of the business’s assets (both tangible and intangible) and subtracting its liabilities to arrive at the net asset value.

Combination of approaches

Sometimes, a combination of multiple methods is used to determine the floor and ceiling value of a business, taking into consideration the specific circumstances and characteristics of the business.

What do we offer ?

    • Valuation reports for regulatory compliance
    • Valuation reports for mergers and acquisitions
    • Valuation reports for credit facilities from the banks
    • Valuation reports for partial or complete share transfers
    • Due diligence for all kind of financial decisions

why neom ?

    • NEOM provides cost-effective business valuation services
    • NEOM assures confidentiality of your sensitive business information
    • NEOM follows a well-planned approach that not only delivers precise valuations but also saves your valuable time and resources
    • With an experienced team of valuation experts, NEOM offers comprehensive insights into your business’s worth, backed by industry knowledge and expertise

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